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This page will outline our Blocking Policy.

Grounds for blocking

The following are the most common reasons why users are blocked from the Actionpedia. These are not all the reasons a user can be blocked and the reasons below often intertwined with each other.

  • Vandalism - Any edits which seek to destroy the content of pages.
  • Sockpuppetry - Additional accounts to someone's main account.
  • Personal Attacks - Users attacking other users.
  • Repeated Violations - Breaking the rules multiple times.
  • Disruption - Behavior which causes conflict on a wiki.


If a user breaks the rules, a staff member will write a notice on the user's talk page about the rules they broke. The first couple of message are warnings, but not where you'll get blocked and more of a reminder or friendly note.

If the user continues with their rule breaking, an official warning may be given by an Administrator. These will typically act as a "final warning" towards the user in order to make them stop their bad actions. In addition, these warnings cannot be removed from a users' talk page and must stay even when users are archiving your talk page.

Finally, if the user continues their wrong actions despite the warnings, the user will be blocked. Depending on the severity of the offense, users can be blocked from 1 week to 1 month for a first time offense.

After returning from the ban, if the user continues to break the rules, their ban will be increased every time. If it gets to the point where the user will never learn from their past mistakes, the Admin may choose to place an infinite block.

Reminders for admins

  • The ability to block is a special privilege and should be used as a last resort when dealing with conflicts. It should not be used to win arguments or to show who's superior to others. If you are seen to abuse your blocking powers, you will be stripped of it.

What happens when I'm blocked?

When users are blocked from the Actionpedia, they cannot edit pages and will instead receive a notification about their ban. In addition, any votes the blocked user made will be strikethrough and not count towards the overall score. However, if a user comes back while the vote is still active, the strikethrough will be erased. This rule also applies to users who are globally blocked.

Appealing a block

If you feel you were unfairly blocked, please contact the person who blocked you via Community Central. Please do not message the Admin on different wikis as other communities don't want drama they're not related to.

When talking to the Admin, please be respectful and explain why you believe you should receive less ban time. If an Administrator refuses to reduce your block, that's the final answer. You are then required to wait out your suspension before you can resume editing. Please do not continue to pester the Admin or contact other Admins and beg for a reduced block time. This will only make the staff annoyed and may result in an increased ban time.