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Manual of Style
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This page will outline our Citation Policy.

Why do we cite?

Because we are the largest source of information for the action franchises, we must make sure we are spreading accurate information.

How to cite

There are two ways to cite sources. If you're using Source editor, you must add <ref></ref> and place your source in between the two <ref>. Don't forget to add the <references/> at the bottom of the page.

If you're using Visual Editor, click insert, then go down to where it says Reference. Once you click it, paste the source and click Insert. Once again, don't forget to add the <references/> tag at the bottom of the page.

What to cite

The following are acceptable sources when citing.

  • Anything mentioned by people who work for any action movies and/or shows such as directors, cast members, and artists.
  • Videos from appropriate sites.

What not to cite

Please avoid citing these sources as they don't have the most accurate information and are not part of the action franchises.

  • Unofficial YouTube channels dedicated to action content
  • Unofficial websites
  • Wikipedia, or other wikis on FANDOM
  • Posts made from accounts not official to action content