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Manual of Style
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This page will outline what is expected for each State Page.



After creating the page, please use the {{State}} infobox and fill out the necessary information about the state in the spaces provided.

  • color - This section should match the physical appearance of the state. If the state is currently unknown, please leave it gray.
  • image - The image should show the state flag in the action franchises. It is also possible to have an image from other official media if the state has not appeared yet. The image(s) of a state should have a full-sized image in the highest quality possible. If the state doesn't have a full-sized image, the image may be cropped. Any image that does not have a flag should have a screenshot from an official source.
  • title - The name of the state goes here.
  • located - This section should indicate where the state where the state is.
  • capital - The capital city of the state should go here.
  • cities - The major cities of the state should be listed here.
  • residents - All of the people who live at that state goes here. Please do not include visitors.
  • first appearance - This should list the first appearance the state makes in any movies or series. If the state never appears, list the episode the state was mentioned in.
  • status - The status of the state goes here. If the state is not in ruins, please label it as "Active."
  • bird - The state bird goes here.
  • flower - The state flower goes here.
  • insect - The state insect goes here.
  • tree - The state tree goes here.
  • motto - The state motto(s) go(es) here.
  • nickname - The state nickname(s) go(es) here.
  • statehood - The state's year of statehood should go here.
  • previous - The previous state in statehood should go here.
  • next - The next state in statehood should go here.


Another part of a state page is the quote. The {{Quote}} template should go at the very top of the page. For the quote itself, it should describe the state's famous motto, history, or role. The quote should not be something random which leaves the reader confused.

Opening Paragraph

The first section should have the title of article in bold as well as a brief, short info on the general state. If the state happens to have a nickname, please put the nickname in parentheses.

Required Headings

  • Description (optional)

This section should list descriptions of the state, such as the capital city and a state monument or landmark.

  • History

This section should include the history of the state (in chronological order). This includes if the state was mentioned by a character.

  • Notes

Any miscellaneous information and/or facts about the state is placed here.

  • Gallery

Each state should have a gallery page attached. The gallery goes near the bottom of the page.

Finally, the {{Earth}} template must go at the bottom.

Other Guidelines