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Manual of Style
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The Manual of Style is a set of rules and guidelines when editing the Actionpedia.

At some point, it's best to refer to the Manual of Style regardless if you're a new user or an experienced one because most questions can be answered if you look at the Manual of Style. If you need help with editing or are just a beginner, please check out Fandom University.

The template on the right refers to the types of articles we have on the wiki. Those pages will go into depth on the expectations for each article.


Templates better the look of the wiki overall. Use the following template procedures when creating articles.

  • Every single page on Actionpedia should have a proper template. A good example of proper template usage would be on Ty Borden's page.
  • Quote templates should only be placed at the top of an article. Only one quote may be used per article, except in the case of "Welcome to the Jungle" and "Jumanji" episode and season articles.
  • When putting in real-life locations, these template colors are required, for each continent:
    • North America: Purple
    • South America: Green
    • Europe: Blue
    • Asia: Red
    • Australia: Orange
    • Africa: Yellow
    • Antarctica: White
  • When putting in state templates for the United States, these template colors are required, for each region of the states:
    • Southern Border: Orange
    • Northern Border: Red
    • Eastern Border: Blue
    • Middle Border: Green
    • Pacific States: Dark blue

General Rules and Guidelines

  • The gallery for event pages must include images around and a little after the event. See the page Takeover of the Never-Realm for an example of the gallery.
  • LEGO Ninjago canon articles are not allowed to be on this wiki, as mostly fanon info can be allowed on this wiki.
  • If you have friends on another wiki who hasn't contributed here, please label in parentheses the wiki they frequently edit on. The label can be taken off after they make at least contribution on this wiki.