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User Conduct

The Actionpedia strives to have a family-friendly environment. As such users are expected to follow these guidelines.


Users are discouraged from using multiple accounts on this wiki. Using alternative accounts to evade blocks, deceive users, spam, vandalize, and post inappropriate content is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated on any level.

Appropriate Actions

Inappropriate Actions

Chat Rules and Guidelines

What Happens if one break the rules?

The Actionpedia takes its user conduct very seriously. Baring very serious cases of vandalism or harassment, the user will be warned. Bans will only be handed out if these warnings do not work. We don't want to have to ban anybody, but we do so if the user conduct is below average, to make sure that everyone understands that the rules are important to us.

Offense Consequences
First Level rule breaks Warning(s)
Second Level Rule breaks (after warnings) 3 day ban
Third Level rule breaks 2 week ban
Fourth Level rule breaks 1 month ban
Fifth Level rule breaks 6 month ban
Sixth Level rule breaks 1 year ban
Further rule breakings Longer ban to be determined by administrators

Appealing a Block