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These are the ongoing projects or tasks that need to be completed at some point on the Actionpedia. Users may add their own points if they think of a notable task that needs to be done, and points can be removed if completed.


Adding text

  • Expand all stubs.
  • Improve all articles in need of improvement.
  • Add (no lines) to episodes in characters' appearance sections where they do not speak.
  • Add the First Appearance field to the locations pages.
  • Add appearances to article pages.
  • Complete the relationship pages and add better and higher quality images.
  • Add the heading "Locations featured" to the episode pages and change current headings of "Locations Visited" and "Locations Featured" to "Locations featured".[1]

Adding files

  • Make sure all images are in all appropriate galleries.

Citing information

  • Add episode references that may be too obscure for most viewers.

Removing content

  • Remove unnecessary, pointless, and repetitive trivia on pages.
  • Deal with all duplicate files.
  • Delete all Element / Essence fields in infoboxes unless the subject in the infobox has this power.Locate pages doing this


  • Chronologically organize trivia sections when possible.
  • Organize year categories on pages.
  • Organize galleries chronologically.


  • Use {{DISPLAYTITLE}} to make the article titles of all book and game articles be italicized and also italicize the name in the introduction of those articles, including the title on the infobox of those articles.
  • Make the category name capitalization consistent.
  • Rename articles to be not capitalized when their names are not capitalized in the sources.
  • Make sure all transcripts italicize the action lines.
  • Make sure quotations are not italicized in galleries.
  • Capitalize royal titles or other titles that similar to a leader of a group if it's being used by as a name for a character.[2]

Pages to create

  • All red links

Recently renamed pages to make sure are not being linked to via redirect


  1. The change from Locations Visited is because sometimes the locations are only seen in flashbacks or simulations but are not technically visited. "featured" being lowercase is because this would be more in line with other section headings and there is no need to capitalize it.
  2. Calling a leader by their title is a sign of respect, similar to how students call their mentors as "Sensei/Master" or how children call their parents "Mother" or "Father."