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The Actionpedia holds several votes to ensure that the wiki stays community-driven. Below are the three types of votes held on the wiki.

User Rights

Main article: Actionpedia:Request for Rights

Editor of the Month

Main article: Actionpedia:Editor of the Month/Voting


General votes are proposed changes to the wiki. Please make sure to follow some of the regulations before you edit this page.

  • If you want to propose and/or vote, you must have at least 500 mainspace edits and have been a member of the community for a month.
  • Votes are open for one week. In the event of a tie, voting will be extended for another two days. If still tied, the vote will be placed into deadlock and an Admin (most likely the Bureaucrat) will file a casting vote to determine the outcome.
  • You may only have one proposal at a time.
  • You may not vote on your own proposal.
  • A maximum of ten proposals are allowed at a time.
  • Before making a proposal, please make sure to check the archives just in case a similar proposal wasn't made earlier.
  • If you wish to bring back a proposal which was opposed or a proposal which didn't go your way, you must consult with an Admin first and they will decide if the previously rejected proposal will be allowed back.
  • If you happen to drop your proposal, you may not create another proposal unless there are more than one spots available.

General votes are proposed changes to the wiki. Users making proposals as well as users voting must have at least 200 edits and have been a member of the community for at least a month.

General votes should follow this template.

===(Name of Proposal) by {{u|Username}}===
Reason for the vote.

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