“A lost martial art created by Sensei Yang, who passed years ago. If mastered, it allows one to temporarily take flight.”
Kai and Misako

Airjitzu (also referred to Cyclon-Do by Jay and Nya[1]) is a close-combat martial arts technique which involves the user tapping into their innate elemental energies while spinning rapidly, creating a tornado-like vortex of energy around themselves which also allows them to levitate over land.

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  • Its name is a pun on "air" and "ninjutsu," a martial art that real-life ninja use.
  • Cryptor learned Airjitzu from Zane's programming.
  • Jay's way of saying Airjitzu is "Cyclon-Do," is a portmanteau of "cyclone" and "taekwondo," a Korean martial art that deals with kicking. [1]
  • It was confirmed by the creators that Airjitzu would not be used in Sons of Garmadon, or presumably any seasons beyond it. This was done for the purpose of preventing the ninja from being too overpowered, but the Ninja still know Airjitzu.[2][3][4]
  • Milton Dyer has heard of Airjitzu when he programmed it into Prime Empire.


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