The Annihilation of the Yeti was a genocidal event orchestrated by Zane as the Ice Emperor and his Blizzard Samurai. All of the Yeti were annihilated with the exception of Krag.


Shortly, after the Freezing of the Formling Village, Zane, corrupted as the Ice Emperor, decided to annihilate the Yetis. All of them were annihilated except for Krag.


As a result of the annihilation, Krag buried his friends and family in his cave. Despite all of that he still remains pretty friendly as he saved Cole and the Ice Fishers from different avalanches. Cole later convinced Krag to join him and his friends in stopping the Ice Emperor and trying to find Zane, unaware what happened to him.


  • This event marks the second time where a Ninja is responsible for the death or extinction of a race.
  • It is unknown why the Yeti were attacked in the first place.



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