Kai, Nya, your mother and father were great fighters, but it appeared even they had met their match. Acronix was a skilled warrior, one of the best I've ever seen, but his real power was his ability to control the forward movement of time. By sending himself forward, he was always ahead of the action, as if he had super speed. However, a slow progression can be just as dangerous. Different power, but equally effective. One Master of Time was bad enough, but like the hands on a clock, there were two. Krux's power was the opposite of his brother's. He could reverse time. It's a huge advantage in combat. Know your opponent's next move, know how to counter it. He could even control time to the point of halting it. Of course, he didn't halt himself.

The Battle For All of Time was a battle fought between the Elemental Alliance and the Time Twins.



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  • In the new timeline, the Reversal Time Blade isn't found by Ray and Maya but is directly given to Wu.
  • Now the Elemental Alliance have faced both the Vermillion and the Iron Doom, as well as battled with Acronix and Krux's future selves.
    • They, however, likely don't remember this, as Future Wu suggests to his past self to find Mystake and acquire some Obscuritea– to ensure the timeline isn't altered any further.



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