“Long before time had a name, the First Spinjitzu Master arrived on our world. A mere child, to find a world engulfed in chaos. This chaos was caused by Wojira, the mighty serpent of the wave and the storm. The First Spinjitzu Master knew, that for life to blossom in this realm, Wojira had to be stopped. With the help of the islanders and the Merlopians who dwelled in the depth of the sea, they confronted Wojira. It was a fierce battle. Wojira was too powerful. All was lost, until Nyad, the first Elemental Master of Water, leapt on to the the beast and saw with her own eyes the source of Wojira's power: two strange objects which Wojira wore upon her forehead. Nyad knew what she had to do. But alone, Nyad could not stop Wojira. She had to become a greater power, the ocean itself. She merged with it, a state she could never return from. She sacrificed herself to save the world. As for the power of the wave and the storm, the First Spinjitzu Master gave the first to the king of the sea, and the second to the leader of the islanders for safekeeping. When the seas calmed and grew still, the First Spinjitzu Master created Ninjago, and the world was in harmony.”

The Battle of the Seas was a battle fought by the First Spinjitzu Master, the Keepers, and the Merlopians against Wojira.





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