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The Bible (or Holy Bible) is a collection of sacred scriptures used by Judaism and Christianity. The Bible is divided into two main sections: the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Bible in the western tradition. Christians often refer to these sections as the Old Testament and New Testament respectively, while Jews only use the Hebrew Bible, the Tanakh. The Tanakh has three books: the Torah, the Nevi'im, and the Ketuvim.


Beginning of the Hebrew Bible




Beginning of the Holy Bible

Adventures with the Bible

Specific Bibles

People in the Bible

  • Hebrew Bible
  • Christian Bible
    • Adam and Eve
    • Moses and Zipporah
    • Aaron and Miriam
    • Jochebed and Amram
    • Jethro
    • Isaac and Rachel
    • Jacob
    • Joseph and his brothers
      • Judah
      • Dan
      • Issachar
      • Gad
      • Simeon
      • Asher
      • Naphtali
      • Zebulon
      • Levi
      • Reuben
      • Benjamin
    • Moses
    • Aaron
    • Noah
    • David
    • King Solomon
    • Jesus Christ
    • Joseph and Mary
    • Disciples of Jesus
      • Simon Peter and Andrew
      • James and John
      • Philip
      • Thomas
      • Matthew
      • Thaddeus
      • Bartholomew
      • Simon
      • James, son of Alphaeus
      • Judas Iscariot
    • Sanhedrin
      • Caiaphas
      • Malchus
      • Nicodemus (formerly)
    • Roman Soldiers
      • Pontius Pilate
    • Joseph of Arimathea
    • Holy Grail


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