• Season Theories


    April 30, 2020 by Season Theories

    So, will season 13 have Cole's mom in it?

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  • Akita the Formling

    The now has a Google Hangouts AND Discord server! The rules in the servers will have same rules as in the chat. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me!

    Hangouts Server:

    Discord Server:

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  • Ninjafan1234567890Vex


    April 19, 2020 by Ninjafan1234567890Vex

    Hello Fandom communtiy! 

    Until The Shelter In Place Is Over The actionpedia will Be Undergoing Some Miner Inconveniences, You will NOT BE ALLOWED to Edit Any Pages Unless Me Or Akita Say So, And we will Have a VSTF And Spam Task Force Checking every User, If you Are Caught breaking ANY Rules The VSTF will ASSUME You Are A Threat To Public Saftey, 

    Sorry For the Inconveniences


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  • Ninjafan1234567890Vex


    This Are Uncertain Times! Our Admins Are Trying As Best As They Can To Help Us Make This Part Of The Fandom Community Safe And Welcoming! If You See Signs Of A Suspicious User Contact Me Or Akita The Formling, If There Are Attacks On You Please Contact VSTF! If Someone IS in

    IMMEDIATE Danger Call 9-1-1!”

    Hello Fandom Users! This Is Ninjafan1234567890 Or Vex! I'm A Proud Member of the Actionpedia and Can UsallyBe found On My User Page, I Know That COVID-19 Has Hurt alot of People and My grandma Is Hospitalized Because Of It, I Know How Some Of You Feel About This But Wikia's Got Another Type Of Virus Going on That I Want To Alert You About! Most People On Fandom Are Good But Now More Than-ever Are Trolls, Spammers,Black Hood Hackers, …

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  • ActionBot

    Action Users Unite!

    February 8, 2020 by ActionBot

    Action users, unite! We are the defenders of the Wiki of Action! In this RP, you will be an Elemental Ninja or part of the Resistance! You choose your role, and first things first, here are the rules!

    Criteria for RP:

    1. Be truthful to your friends. Any liars will be removed from the RP.
    2. Do not vandalize. If you vandalize, you will be removed from the RP.
    3. Use your Elemental Power(s) or any power you have.

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  • Akita the Formling


    June 26, 2019 by Akita the Formling


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