Chima is one of the realms, filled with anthropomorphic animals.


Chima is a massive, floating continent hovering above an even larger world. Mostly comprised of jungles, swamps, and a few deserts, Chima is a generally warm and tropical place, with ice and snow being considered a phenomenon due to the warm climate.

Located near a lake is a stone known as the Forever Rock, a former hiding place for one of the Fire Harnesses and above an entrance to one of the other One Trillion Realms.





At an unknown point in time, Chima came into existence alongside the rest of the One Trillion Realms. Overlooked by the Mother Sun, the Mother Sun sent down the Phoenixes to help civilize the beings below, only for conflict to arise. Following a battle between the Phoenix and Hunter Tribes, an imperfect Great Illumination created chi waters that led to the evolution of the rest of the tribes, who would be involved in multiple civil wars before finally attaining peace with a second, perfect Great Illumination.

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  • Chima is one of the realms that does not have humans in it; instead, its inhabitants are anthropomorphic animals.
  • The Mother Sun is similar to the Preeminent in that both are female deities that have an apparent control over their respective realms and are masters of a large group of beings with unique, distinct powers. Additionally, neither the Preeminent nor Mother Sun are seen talking within the show. It is possible that, like the Preeminent, the Mother Sun is the embodiment of Chima, or at least the alternate realm counterpart to the Preeminent.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, the First Spinjitzu Master may have brought the Serpentine from Chima, but this is just mere speculation that hasn't yet been confirmed.
  • In LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu in the episode "Curseworld," the anthropomorphic animals shown in the realm are all leaders, and part of the 8 Heroes of Chima.
    • Laval is the leader of the Lion Tribe.
    • Cragger is the prince, the next leader of the Crocodile Tribe.
    • Gorzan is the leader of the Gorilla Tribe.
    • Bladvic is the leader of the Bear Tribe.
    • Rogon is the leader of the Rhino Tribe.
    • Razar is the leader of the Raven Tribe.
    • Worriz is the leader of the Wolf Tribe.


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