“Always wanted to make you my main squeeze.”

The Constrictai Grip is the special ability of the Constrictai tribe.


The Constrictai use a strong grip to squeeze and choke their opponents. It gives the Constrictai the ability to strangle opponents with their hands and tails, leaving them breathless. Unlike regular strangulation, the victims of the Constrictai Grip are said to never fully recover from the effects of the grip unless given the anti-venom from the Constrictai Staff.



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  • Unlike the other Serpentine abilities (barring Anacondrai Invisibility, as Pythor was the only member shown), the Constrictai Grip was only seen being used by Skalidor, presumably because he is the only member of his tribe with a tail. However, it's possible that the other Constrictai might use their hands.


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