I see your new friends have been keeping you in the dark. You think V.F.D. is noble? Think again. I bet your self-righteous volunteers never told you what's in the sugar bowl, why it's important, or how it was stolen, but I could. Oh, the secrets I could share... about V.F.D., about your parents. You think you know this story, but you don't even know how it begins... I'm your last chance to learn what really happened. I can tell you things that you'll never learn on your own. Your choice.
— Count Olaf to the Baudelaires

Count Olaf is a criminal fugitive mastermind and actor.


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“Allow me to introduce myself, because, as you can see from my mole, we've never met before. As you can see from my coat, hat and ascot, I'm here on business. And as you can see from my sunglasses, it's bright out. I'm here to consult with you on the Baudelaire will, for which I understand you are the executioner.”
—Count Olaf to Arthur Poe
“Welcome to my humble home, orphans, and... a man with a hat on.”
—Count Olaf
Count Olaf: Do you know what this is?
Klaus Baudelaire: It looks like a list.
Count Olaf: WRONG! It's a list. A list of chores. Rich brats like you are probably spoiled rotten and have never done a chore in your life.
“I don't have time to learn a second language besides whatever it is I'm speaking right now.”
—Count Olaf about Sunny Baudelaire's language
“You know, some people say that the hardest job in the world is raising a child. But it is nothing compared to conceiving, writing, directing, producing and performing in a theatrical presentation for the purposes of stealing their dead parents' fortune. It's a very difficult job, and I will not have any orphans mucking it up.”
—Count Olaf to the Baudelaires
“I didn't realize the sand went so quickly. I bought it online. You're gonna need to flip it a couple of times.”
—Count Olaf to the Baudelaires
“I'll get my hands on your fortune if it's the last thing I do. And when I have it, I will tear you and your siblings from limb to limb.”
—Count Olaf to Violet Baudelaire
“If I wanted to harm you, orphan, your blood would be streaming out of this car like a waterfall. No, I am not going to harm a hair on any Baudelaire's head. At least, not on purpose. But accidents happen all the time, don't they?”
—Count Olaf to the Baudelaires before leaving to the Murnau Cinema
I'm so tired of having to explain everything to you. You're supposed to be so smart, and yet you persistently seem to forget about this.”
Count Olaf to the Baudelaires
Count Olaf: I thought you were supposed to be a nice girl. Nice girls aren't supposed to dig through people's personal, private property. Especially when it's... Wasn't it locked?
Violet Baudelaire: It was.
Count Olaf: Oh, how clever. But I bet you're not clever enough for this. I have four tickets with me to Peru right now. I was going to take you and your siblings, because that's just the kind of guardian I am. But I'll settle for one of you.
Jacquelyn Scieszka: I'm taking you to prison.
Count Olaf: Good luck with that. I'm armed.
Jacquelyn Scieszka: So am I.
Count Olaf: Child's play.
Jacquelyn Scieszka: Adorable.
Count Olaf: Is that a harpoon gun? You'd never use it. One of your great gifts is your eminent compassion. You wouldn't squash a spider.
Jacquelyn Scieszka: I like spiders.
Count Olaf: Well, that's good, because there's one on your shoulder right now.
Jacquelyn Scieszka: I'm not falling for that.
Count Olaf: No, no, I'm serious. It's on your left shoulder. It's one of the bigger ones. I wanna say tarantula? Ugh.
“Let's not split hairs. That's Klaus' job. And you can shout as much as you want. Your brother isn't here right now.”
—Count Olaf to Violet Baudelaire
Count Olaf: Poor little orphan. Haven't you learned anything this year? Week? Season? Wherever you go, I will be waiting. Wherever you hide, I will hunt you down. I'm smarter. I'm pluckier. I'm stronger. I'm unstoppable!
Violet Baudelaire: Why do you hate us so much?
Count Olaf: Because it's fun.
Count Olaf: You think you're so superior, with your fancy optometry degree and weird hypnosis thing. Well, I don't need a partner. I was better off alone, where my plots were simple and straightforward and didn't involve any high-concept science fiction gimmicks.
Georgina Orwell: Are you breaking up with me again?
Count Olaf: No, I'm breaking up with you... again!
Georgina Orwell: You're being insensitive.
Count Olaf: You're being inor...
Georgina Orwell: Oh, don't say the word!
“Does this seem like a nightmare? A bad dream? Because that's the effect I was going for. Well, I have nightmares too, orphans. I wake up in the middle of the night screaming and the only thing that comforts me is knowing that the three of you will so be screaming youselves, just like another set of wealthy orphans that have happen to be in my clutches.”
—Count Olaf to the Baudelaires
“Have you seen my press clippings? I could get away with murder... again.”
Count Olaf to Klaus Baudelaire
Hook-Handed Man: It's a taxi, boss. About a mile back. He's been behind us an interminably long time.
Count Olaf: You didn't think to mention until now that someone is following us?
Hook-Handed Man: I wanted it to be a surprise?
Bald Man: Is it the police?
Count Olaf: Why would the police take a taxi?
“Welcome to the Firehouse Saloon, folks! I have extremely pricey beverages which you have to pay cash for.”
—Count Olaf to Jacques Snicket and Olivia Caliban
Count Olaf: Have you ever hunted, Violet?
Violet Baudelaire: Of course not.
Count Olaf: Well, if you had, you'd be familiar with a particular experience. There's a particular moment, at the end of a long hunt, when you have the animal cornered. And the animal looks into your eyes, deep into them, to see if there's any mercy in there. And when it sees that there is not, it gives up. It gives its life to you. Well, I have you cornered, Violet, and I have no mercy. Soon enough, your siblings will fall into my trap. And when they do, I won't be satisfied with just your fortune. This time, I will obliterate you and the entire Baudelaire line in the cruelest way imaginable.
“I didn't need a fortune-teller to tell me where the Baudelaire brats were hiding. I'd figured that out all by myself. So, allow me to tell you your future. A great deal of suffering and pain and then a long fall to rock bottom. Do you know how that feels? Because I do. But things are looking up for me. I'm cutting all ties with my past failures. Get it? Because I'm actually cutting the rope that you tied...”
—Count Olaf to Beverly and Elliot
Count Olaf: Remind me why we can't send her back to her parents.
Esmé Squalor: We burned down their house with them inside.
Carmelita Spats: Wait, what did you say?
Esmé Squalor: Nothing, darling.
“Yes, lie to her. That's excellent parenting.”
—Count Olaf to Esmé Squalor
“No one's ever looked good with a mustache, so I guess I'll be the first.”
—Count Olaf while putting on his "Jacques Snicket" disguise
“I see your new friends have been keeping you in the dark. You think V.F.D. is noble? Think again. I bet your self-righteous volunteers never told you what's in the sugar bowl, why it's important, or how it was stolen but I could. Oh, the secrets I could share... about V.F.D., about your parents. You think you know this story, but you don't even know how it begins... I'm your last chance to learn what really happened. I can tell you things that you'll never learn on your own. Your choice.”
—Count Olaf to the Baudelaires
Count Olaf: You were right, Ish. One harpoon isn't much of a threat against a colony, but how about a diving helmet filled with the world's deadliest fungus?
Ishmael: You don't mean...
Count Olaf: That's right! I found the Medusoid Mycelium, and I will unleash it on this island unless you give me those three orphans and that canoe.
Ishmael: The orphans may be mutinous, but they're still under my protection. I won't let you take them.
Count Olaf: And how do you plan to stop me?
Ishmael: With this.
Count Olaf: You harpooned me!
Ishmael: Well, you started it!
Count Olaf: You literally started it!



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