“What you call "mud" is concentrated evil. A Dark Matter that with one drop could make a man's heart turn as black as night.”

Dark Matter (also called Concentrated Evil) is a sinister muddy matter known for turning someone evil.


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Dark Matter is a violet material commonly mistaken for mud mined from Digger's Deep. In its natural state, it has light purple dots and a visible glow—when refined for weapons use, it becomes almost black in coloration. It is usually handled in trays or the Garmatron. Dark Matter is used in a shell, and it bears resemblance to regular stone.



  • Dark Matter was weaponized for the ultimate weapon to make Ninjago in Garmadon's image.
  • If the two islands were reunited, the Dark Matter from the Dark Island would most likely poison Ninjago.[1]
  • The way the Dark Matter got onto the Dark Island is probably because of manifested evil, relating with the destruction of the Overlord[2]. This meant as the Overlord's body became worse over time, Dark Matter possibly accumulated.[3]


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