“Where there is light, there will always be shadow!”
The Overlord to Lloyd

Darkness is evil or the partial or total absence of light.

Users' Abilities

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  • Umbrakinesis - It allows the user to manipulate, control, generate, and shape Darkness (also Shadow). It can also be used to possibly enhance their powers to their full potential.
    • Umbrakinetic Flight - It allows the user their elemental power to propel themselves up. The Overlord used this ability to combat Lloyd by using it as an advantage to quickly head back into the battle.
    • Darkness Materialization - The user can create organic or inorganic matter out of darkness and even give them a soul or life. The Overlord used this ability to create his own Stone Army.
    • Absolute Darkness - It allows the user to create a field of absolute impenetrable darkness and possibly spread darkness everywhere. The Overlord (in dragon form) trapped Lloyd inside the sphere of darkness.
    • Darkness Tentacles - Allows the user to create tentacles of darkness. The Overlord creates the tentacles to collect energy so he and the Stone Army invade Ninjago.
    • Darkness Breath - The user can breathe darkness and shadow commonly to attack or corrupt people.
      • Corruption Inducement - Gives the user the ability to corrupt people and their environment (as displayed by the Garmatron and the Overlord's dark breath attack). Symptoms of corruption include the destruction of morality, glowing purple eyes, and sickly pale gray skin.
    • Dark Beam Emission - The user can project beams of darkness, usually to attack an adversary.
      • Shadow Ball Projection - The user can generate balls of darkness, commonly to trap or attack an adversary.

Via the users' True Potential

Via the users' True Potential

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  • Darkness is an "essence" like Creation and Destruction.[1]
  • This element is most likely called Darkness, but this is not confirmed.[2]


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