I dedicated my life to studying the martial arts. Alone. I got arrogant, I wanted to live forever.”
“Why? No one lives forever.”
“Because I knew the day I was gone, no one would remember me.”
Cole and Yang

Death (also known as Elimination in video games) is the all-encompassing force that eventually affects all beings from the One Trillion Realms.

Dead Characters



Stone Army

All the Stone Warriors are dead except at least one or two Giant Stone Warriors, who may be the last survivors. One is currently in Kryptarium Prison, and the other one, if it isn't the same warrior, is trapped in a sinkhole under the Ninjago Museum of History.


All the Nindroids are dead except some, who are alive in Kryptarium Prison and others, who were reprogrammed and became Cyrus Borg's Security Droids. Three of them were resurrected during the Yin-Yang Eclipse, but they are now departed once more.

Anacondrai Cultists

All the Anacondrai Cultists, except for Clouse, who is a ghost after escaping the Cursed Realm, and eventually got himself banished to the Underworld. Another associate of the Cultists, the Mechanic, is alive.

Ghost Warriors

Many other ghosts are in the Departed Realm, sent there after the destruction of the Cursed Realm.


All the other Djinn are dead, except Nadakhan, who is the last survivor. He is currently imprisoned in the Teapot of Tyrahn.



Oni/Dragon/Human Hybrids


Blizzard Samurai

Empire Army

Awakened Warriors


  • Grundles (one formerly resurrected by the Mega Weapon, now departed once more)
  • Treehorn Queen
  • Yeti (except for Krag, who's the last survivor)
  • Many Animals

Unknown Status

Realms of the Deceased

In the One Trillion Realms, there were a total of three known realms for the dead to continue to dwell after their passing. Of the three, the Departed Realm seems to be where the dead are naturally meant to go, as when a being who was sent to the other two is destroyed, their spirit will move on to the Departed Realm.

Returning to Life

Death can be also thwarted, but the ways that this can be accomplished are extremely dangerous and unstable, as it goes against the natural order of the world. Likewise, the consequences of such methods on users can prove too dire or even worse than death itself. These are some ways to trick death:

  • Resurrectea (Temporary postponement of death, requires the deceased individual's body to be present to ingest it)
  • Rift of Return (Requires powerful magic from the Yin-Yang Eclipse to sustain)
  • The power of the Yin Blade (Places victim into a state of ghost-like limbo)
  • Possession
  • Killing one's murderer with a Departed Blade
  • Magic/Dark Magic
  • Escaping from the Cursed Realm or Underworld (Escapee is left in an undead state of being, either skeletal or cursed)
  • Resurrection by the Mega Weapon (Massive energy toll on user required)
  • Reversing time on the corpse of the deceased (Negated by Tomorrow's Tea)
  • Escape from the Departed Realm (Requires a massive amount of catalyzed magic to sustain indefinitely)
  • Imprisonment in the Djinn Blade (Indefinite, unconscious limbo for all eternity)
  • Oni Masks (When they are united; exclusive to those of Oni descent)



  • Death is the usually permanent cessation of a living or undead being's ability to exist in the living world.
  • It is the only known way to gain entry into the Departed Realm.
  • According to Borg Industries' Infovision, death means to expire, to croak, or to tint.


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