My magic has brought you back from the Departed Realm to Ninjago, but you can only remain for the duration of the eclipse. Unless . . . ”
“Unless you destroy the Ninja who destroyed you. Use your Departed Blades, and you will take their place among the living.”
Yang and Cole

The Departed Blades were a set of magical blades created by Master Yang to assist in the return of multiple souls brought back from the Departed Realm.

Departed Blades

Powers and Abilities

This section of Departed Blades includes some or all content from the "Departed Blades" article from the Ninjago Wiki, a FANDOM project.

Modeled after various melee weapons, the Departed Blades functioned like regular tools in combat. Their main purpose, however, was their ability to transfer the placement of souls—should a soul involved in the death of the wielder be slain by a Departed Blade, the Blade's magic would allow the victim to trade places with their killer, with the wielder now amongst the living and their deceased opponent in the afterlife. Aside from these abilities, the Departed Blades functioned as regular melee weapons and did not possess any of the powers of the weapons that they were modeled after.[1]


This section of Departed Blades includes some or all content from the "Departed Blades" article from the Ninjago Wiki, a FANDOM project.

Prior to the establishment of the Hall of Villainy, Kodokuna Yang succeeded in placing Departed Blades in the hands of statues designated to contain souls he planned to bring back from the Departed Realm.


This section of Departed Blades includes some or all content from the "Departed Blades" article from the Ninjago Wiki, a FANDOM project.

  • Exactly how Yang managed to place the blades in the museum is currently unknown.
  • The only exception to this is Pythor's staff, which holds an anti-venom in its capsule, although Pythor himself is unknowing and wary of its contents.
  • Yang explains that the revived villains must use their Departed Blades to slay the person who originally killed them. Doing so with the weapon would (supposedly) fully-resurrect the villain. However, Chen had seemingly discarded his Blade even before Yang said this, meaning he never stood a chance to be revived. Also, Pythor was still alive at the time, making the effects of his Departed Staff useless.
  • Samukai's Double-Bladed Bone Axe Departed Blade is the only weapon not modeled after a weapon used by a ninja for that respective year or a weapon that he was seen wielding. It is worth noting, however, that he was at least famous for his use of it off-screen, when not wielding his signature bone daggers (which he briefly wields in one shot from the junkyard scene, likely due to an animation error).
  • The handles of the Blades are heavily based off of the Yin Blade's handle, more than likely due to both weapons' associations with Yang.
  • In the concept artwork for the Departed Blades and in promotional material for the "Day of the Departed" special, a mysterious green lantern can be seen. However, this lantern never actually appeared in the final version of the special, and its potential powers or association with the Departed Blades are unknown.
  • Interestingly, despite being referred to as a Departed Blade, the weapon based off the Anacondrai Staff is not actually a blade, but rather a staff.


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