“That is a secret. But you will be happy there. Or you can return to your friends and take up your duties as the Green Ninja again.”
— The First Spinjitzu Master to Lloyd, about the Departed Realm

The Departed Realm is one of the One Trillion Realms, and the dimension is where the souls of beings from all known realms, including Earth, the Cursed RealmNinjago, and the Underworld, go to after they die.


Anacondrai Warriors

All the Anacondrai Cultists are in the Departed Realm, except for Clouse, who is a ghost after escaping the Cursed Realm, and eventually got himself banished to the Underworld. Another associate of the Cultists, the Mechanic, is alive.


All the other Djinn are in the Departed Realm, except Nadakhan, who is the last survivor. He is currently imprisoned in the Teapot of Tyrahn.



Many other ghosts are in the Departed Realm, sent there after the destruction of the Cursed Realm.



All the Rebooted Nindroids are in the Departed Realm, except two are alive in Kryptarium Prison, and some who were reprogrammed and became Cyrus Borg's Security Droids. Three of them were resurrected during the Yin-Yang Eclipse, but they are now departed once more.

Old Souls


Oni Hybrids


Sky Pirates

Stone Army

All the Stone Warriors are the Departed Realm except at least one or two Giant Stone Warriors, who may be the last survivors. One is currently in Kryptarium Prison, and the other one, if it isn't the same warrior, is trapped in a sinkhole under the Ninjago Museum of History.


All the other Anacondrai are in the Departed Realm, except for Pythor, who is the last survivor. His current whereabouts are unknown.



  • Grundles (one formerly resurrected by the Mega Weapon, now departed once more; one alive in the Primeval's Eye)
  • Treehorn Queen
  • All Yetis are in the Departed Realm except for Krag, who's the last survivor.
  • Many unnamed or Unknown Animals



This section of Departed Realm includes some or all content from the "Departed Realm" article from the Ninjago Wiki, a FANDOM project.

At some point in time, the Departed Realm came into existence as one of many realms parallel to Ninjago. All of its deceased—save for the wicked and cursed, and disgraced warriors unable to come to terms with their death—would have their souls sent to this realm upon death, where they would rest in eternal peace unless disturbed.

Later, when the First Spinjitzu Master created the Realm Crystal, he was unable to connect its powers to the Departed Realm, with the artifact lacking the sheer power to do so. This left the Departed Realm the only realm that was inaccessible.

Earth & Lightning


This section of Departed Realm includes some or all content from the "Departed Realm" article from the Ninjago Wiki, a FANDOM project.

  • If ghosts remain in Ninjago for too long without a vessel, they will begin to depart and will then be sent to the Departed Realm.
    • While this seems to occur after months for Cole, side stories continue to use Clouse without his ghost fading away. However, Clouse is currently trapped in the Underworld, another realm of the deceased.
  • The Departed Realm has by far the most deceased souls of any realm.
  • It is the only realm in which the Realm Crystal cannot open a portal to.
  • Morro is the only villain who allied with the Ninja during the Yin-Yang Eclipse.
    • He was also the only one to willingly return to the realm after making his amends.
  • It is unknown if this realm will ever be visited. Though technically several characters have made it their place of permanent residence, off-screen.
  • It may be impossible for a being's spirit to ever truly die, as even "deceased" beings like cursed ghosts and skeletons go on to the Departed Realm if their bodies are destroyed (cursed ghosts formerly simply returned to the Cursed Realm, until it was destroyed).
  • It is unknown what the Grasslands are, since the First Spinjitzu Master appeared with Lloyd.
  • It is the only realm that is mostly impossible to access through any normal means.
  • The Realm Crystal was unable to open a gateway to it, while a large dose of Traveler's Tea can.[1]


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