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“It is the most beautiful place you've ever seen. But why tell you, when I can show you.”

Djinjago was one of the One Trillion Realms, as well as the realm of the Djinn and the sister realm of the Cursed Realm.



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Djinjago started at an unknown point in history. Nadakhan left this realm to rule Ninjago as a pirate. Following his release from imprisonment in the Teapot of Tyrahn, he reassembled his old crew (save for the deceased Dilara) and took them to Djinjago with the power of the Realm Crystal.

When the pirates arrived, the once-beautiful realm was collapsing before their very eyes. Nadakhan's father (The King) told him that the Ninja had destroyed Djinjago's sister realm, disturbing the balance between realities and causing Djinjago to collapse. Passing the Djinn Blade down to his son, Khanjikhan implored him to avenge Djinjago's fall before ushering the pirates out of his realm before it collapsed completely.


This section of Djinjago includes some or all content from the "Djinjago" article from the Ninjago Wiki, a FANDOM project.

Following his narrow escape from Djinjago, Nadakhan swore vengeance on the Ninja for their unwitting role in destroying his home realm. Using the Djinn Blade to absorb powerful souls (including several of the Ninja), he tore out pieces of Ninjago's landmass and raised them into the sky, building a new incarnation of Djinjago above the city.


This section of Djinjago includes some or all content from the "Djinjago" article from the Ninjago Wiki, a FANDOM project.

After New Djinjago was fully constructed, Nadakhan married Nya and became King, gaining infinite wishes. Later, the Djinn's power was drastically weakened when he was shot with Tiger Widow venom by Flintlocke, causing Djinjago began to fall onto Ninjago. After Jay made his final wish, the events of Skybound were erased; thus, Djinjago would remain destroyed.


  • Djinjago is a portmanteau on the words "Djinn" and "Ninjago."

This section of Djinjago includes some or all content from the "Djinjago" article from the Ninjago Wiki, a FANDOM project.

  • Due to its destruction, Nadakhan wishes to create a "new" Djinjago by tearing apart Ninjago and causing pieces of land to be raised into the air.
  • Its sister realm was the Cursed Realm.
  • If a Djinn prince marries a person on Djinn land, he will gain the power to grant himself unlimited wishes.
  • Interestingly, Djinjago's destruction is the first event from the second half of Skybound that still occurred after Jay's final wish due to its destruction not being directly connected to the events of the season. The second is remaining Yang's Haunted Temple floating over Ninjago Sky.


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