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"Earth & Lightning"
Season 100, Episode 50
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Earth & Lightning is the 50th episode in Season 100. Nothing much is known about it at this point, except that the Ninja visited Ogaji.





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Locations Visited



  • Narrator: Colten
  • The Deicide is a minor villain with no lines in the flashback. His name probably is a pun on the word "decide."
  • Garmadon makes a cameo in the flashback, but doesn't speak.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of both Chima and Ogaji.
  • This is the only episode in this season that would be in the length of a movie.
  • The episode was originally named "Legends of Ogaji."
  • The Spider-People, Parker Jackson, Jack Davids, and Douglas Elton, are prisoners of the Lightning Emperor, but doesn't speak.
  • Faith, Misako, Antonia, and Nelson are prisoners of the Lightning Emperor.
  • Some female characters such as Skylor are absent from this episode.
  • Prime Empire makes a cameo in the movie.


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