“The scrolls say there is a hidden temple on the island. If you find it, it will give the Ninja pure elemental powers, powers that can destroy the indestructible army.”

The Elemental Blades are blades containing power that the Ninja obtained at the Temple of Light to restore their Elemental Powers.


The Elemental Blades are blades that can function the Elemental Powers, instead of the individual doing it themself.


  • Kai's Blade is orange at the tip, fades to red near the hilt and possesses a red emblem.
  • Cole's Blade is green at the tip, fades to purple near the hilt and possesses a green emblem.
  • Jay's Blade is blue at the tip, fades to yellow near the hilt and possesses a yellow emblem.
  • Zane's Blade is white at the tip, fades to grey near the hilt and possesses a blue emblem.


  • Kai's Elemental Blade can generate and manipulate intense heat and fire, allowing it to shoot fire blasts, ignite nearly anything, and create a defensive barrier of fire.
  • Cole's Elemental Blade can create earthquakes and seismic shocks. It can also create strong piles of sediment and stone.
  • Jay's Elemental Blade can manipulate lightning, generate electricity to electrocute others, and launch powerful lightning bolts.
  • Zane's Elemental Blade can generate frost and ice. It can freeze someone or something in place and shoot freezing blasts.



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  • In the TV show, the hilts of the Elemental Blades resemble the Sword of Fire's hilt. 
  • The blade of the Elemental Blades were reused for the blade on the Djinn Blade in 2016. 
  • The Elemental Blades resemble lightsabers from Star Wars. However, they can do more things, varying on what element the Blade is. 
  • According to, the Ninja got rid of their Blades after the events of the Final Battle.
    • How they did so is still up for debate.
      • They might have gotten rid of them reluctantly when Jay mentions that he misses his Elemental Blade. 
  • Zane's blade is used in several sets in a different LEGO series: Mixels.
    • Specifically, it is used to represent Flurr's ice breath, Lunk's ice snot, and the exhaust of Snoof's ice jets.
  • Each of the Elemental Blades appears as a short golden stick detailed to look like a dragon's head (resembling one half of the Nunchucks of Lightning). A small gem is embedded in the hilt, color-coded to their wielder's element.
  • When active, elemental energy bursts from the dragon's mouth and forms into a large, angular blade with a slightly jagged appearance. The slightly-fluorescent blade appears to be made of crystal, colored to resemble the Ninja's respective element. In combat, the blades are surrounded by an aura of their respective element (Fire, Lightning, Ice, or Earth).
  • Each Elemental Blade has elemental properties similar to the Golden Weapons.
  • The powers of the Elemental Blades appear to be even stronger than the Golden Weapons, as they are attuned to their wielder's natural abilities (but they also seem to be created mainly for fighting, noting that they are all blades). When combined, the Elemental Blades can also empower the Green Ninja, unlocking the abilities of the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master. They can also be used as keys in another part of the Temple of Light, unlocking the Golden Mech.


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