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Empire Dragon    
You chose strangers over me, your creator?! Do your duties, Samurai. You will hear from me again, when the time is near.”
Unagami as the Empire Dragon to Okino

The Empire Dragon (also known as the Unagami black dragon) is Unagami's Cyber Dragon form.


Join Digi Lloyd and Kai in a thrilling battle against the fearsome Unagami black dragon over the skies of Prime Empire and NINJAGO® city. Watch out for the dragon’s claws and digi blade wings! Be ready to dodge its powerful stud shooters! Can the daring ninja heroes defeat the dragon, claim the Key-Tana and escape from the clutches of Unagami?[1]



You chose strangers over me, your creator?! Do your duties, Samurai. You will hear from me again, when the time is near.”
—The Empire Dragon to Okino
“Where are you, Milton Dyer? Where are you?”
—The Empire Dragon


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  • The cockpit of the Empire Dragon resembles the "Konami Code," a special code that would allow users to enable a cheat or other effects when used.
  • Unagami has the power to transform into the Empire Dragon.
  • He uses the dragon form to take anger out on his enemies or threaten them.


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