We appear to be trapped within some kind of inter-dimensional ethereal realm!”
Zane to the ninja

The Ethereal Divide (also known as an inter-dimensional ethereal realm) is the space between and around realms.


Episode 222

Zane's Troubles

Zane, in a vision, was seen pushed into the Ethereal Divide by the Alpha.


  • The Ethereal Divide is similar to Outer Space, as Outer Space also has no beginning or end, being an infinitely vast, formless void, and stretches on for eternity since it has no shape or form.

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  • The Ethereal Realm is a direct reference to the Dungeons & Dragons location known as the Ethereal Plane, which connects all the planes of existence.
  • The Ethereal Divide is described as being a land of fog, which seems similar to the little seen of the Ethereal Realm.
  • The color of the Ethereal Divide depends on which realm a person travels to.


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