“When the five fangs unite as one, the path toward the Devourer has begun.”

The Four Silver Fangblades are silver daggers with ornate designs around the base of the blade and a round gem set at the end of the hilt.




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  • The gems and blades glow with a colored aura—green, red, blue, and grey—corresponding to the colors of the four main Serpentine tribes. However, in the sets, the Constrictai Fangblade has an orange hilt.
  • They are needed to summon Great Devourer, which was said to consume all of Ninjago when awakened.
  • The Fangblades were created from the Devourer's teeth, and are thus nearly indestructible—only the magma of Torchfire Mountain is hot enough to destroy them.
  • Following the events of Great Devourer's attack, the locations of the four Fangblades are unknown.


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