Master Wu once told me holding onto anger is like trying to throw a hot rock.”
Nya to Harumi

Fire is hot fuel created when oil is put into flames.

Users' Abilities

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Pyrokinesis - The user is able to manipulate, generate, negate, and control fire from existing sources or the ability to manipulate flames with a flick of the hand or a snap of the finger, often used as a projectile, and to create fireballs of different size and throw or use them as melee advantage. Additionally, it can be used to break ice, illuminate areas, or reignite flames that have been put out.

Via the users' True Potential

  • Fireball generation - The user can generate a pure fire sphere that allows them to fly and endure high temperatures.
  • Fire mimicry - The user can temporally transform their body completely into fire.

Notable users

  • First Elemental Master of Fire
    • Over a hundred generations


Staff of Elements




Golden Power



Bear Tribe






Fire Symbol.jpg
Fire Lion.jpg

The symbol of Fire is a lion, with its mane being made of flames. This likely represents Kai's anger being equal to that of a lion.

Acts of Arson

  • Paltryville Fire
  • Anwhistle Aquatics Fire
  • Baudelaire Fire
  • Quagmire Fire
  • Heimlich Hospital Fire
  • Caligari Carnival Fire
  • V.F.D. Headquarters Fire
  • Hotel Denouement Fire



  • Fire seem to be one of two elements along with Energy besides Water that is capable of harming ghosts.
    • This was shown when Kai slightly burn the Realm Crystal and threw it to Morro's hand burning him causing him to drop it.
  • Fire corresponds with the Sword of FireFire Dragons, and is generally associated with the color red.
  • Masters of Fire usually have been seen creating fire using their hands, but they also can manipulate fire from existing sources.
  • It's possible that the powers of Fire and Earth could be combined to create magma.[1]


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