“It was a time in our history when man and Serpentine were not getting along. As our sides clashed, we hoped for a truce. But not Chen. When Chen said "Never trust a snake," he was right. The Serpentine struck first. The alliance of the Elemental Masters fought back. But they had never seen the likes of an Anacondrai warrior. They were bigger, smarter, natural leaders on the battlefield. The Anacondrai were a proud tribe who fought with every ounce of venom. There was no greater warrior in the land. And with them in command, they proved to be too much for the alliance to handle. Chen stood to gain more if he sided with the snakes and wanted me to help him. Though the evil in my veins tempted me, I wouldn't fight a war for him. I would only fight to see Misako again. From then on, Chen and I went our separate ways so that I could join my brother in battle. We were the Sons of the First Spinjitzu Master. And together, with the Elemental Alliance, we stood a fighting chance. But Chen's influence changed all that. He found a way to turn the alliance against each other. The battle was all but lost. But in our darkest hour, we found hope. And hope found a way to end the war. The Serpentine were divided and locked away in tombs. Chen and Clouse were exiled.”

The Serpentine War was a clashing war between the Serpentine and the Elemental Alliance.


War in Jamanakai Village

War in the Birchwood Forest

Finding of the Sacred Flutes

Imprisonment of the Serpentine

Exile of Chen and Clouse


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  • The reason the war started because Humans and Serpentine were not getting along.
  • Three parts of the Serpentine War's story have been told in the series.
    • It was explained that the five tribes of Serpentine all fought against each other for rule over Ninjago.
    • Acidicus explains that all five of the tribes tried to warn the people of Ninjago about the coming of the Golden Master, but they thought the Serpentine were the enemy and that started the wars.
    • All five of the tribes are seen working together against the Elemental Alliance, later revealed to have been tricked by Chen into fighting them.
    • The concept of the five tribes battling against each other is not mentioned in the later explanations of the wars.



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