Their hypnotizing powers are useless if their opponent can fight without relying on his eyes.”

The Hypnobrai hypnotism is the special ability of the Hypnobrai tribe.


Through hypnosis, the Hypnobrai can control their victims' mind and actions. Victims retain much of their personalities, but twisted to serve the Hypnobrai's ends. Hypnosis victims develop red eyes with dark red spirals, somewhat resembling the eyes of a Hypnobrai Serpentine.

Hypnotized victims can become sleeper agents, with the effects of the hypnosis in a dormant state. In this state, the Hypnobrai who hypnotized them can see through their eyes at will, and the Hypnobrai Staff's anti-venom cannot cure them. At any time, the Hypnobrai can "activate" the hypnosis within a sleeper agent, at which point they act like any other victim of the hypnosis.



  • Unlike regular hypnosis, the victims of the Hypnobrai Hypnotism are said to never fully recover from the effects of the hypnosis unless given the anti-venom from the Hypnobrai Staff.


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