They made me design 'Iron Doom,' a transport to carry the Vermillion throughout time. With all those troops, they would be unstoppable.”

The Iron Doom (also known as the Snake Mech) was a huge talking mech created by the Hands of Time to travel in time.


Hurry to the Vermillion’s spooky swamp fort where Time Twins Acronix and Krux have captured Master Wu. Dodge the Snake Mech’s dangerous swishing tail and eye missiles. Evade the egg falling from the fort’s roof and free Wu from the prison. But look out—the Time Twins have got all 4 Time Blades and are plugging them into the mech's Time Portal. Stop them before they spin that portal and take control of time![1]



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  • The head of the Iron Doom appeared to be based on the physical appearance of the Great Devourer.
  • After absorbing the Vermillion snakes, the Iron Doom spoke in a combination of Raggmunk, Blunck, and Machia's voices.
  • The Iron Doom was created as a mech, but after the Vermillion warriors fused into it, it became a semi-sentient being.
  • In the show, the Time Blades are plugged into the time apparatus, but in the sets, they are clipped on LEGO clip pieces.


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