Dark Magic    
“Magic has its rules, you know.”

Magic is the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

Users' Abilities

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  • Mystokinesis - The user can create spells, bend supernatural forces, and possess objects. It is both offensive and defensive, being that Clouse was able to protect himself from Garmadon. Also, users can use magic spells to attack or defend.
    • Transmogrification - This allows the user to alter the appearance of objects, shown when Clouse transforms some of the training objects in his fight with Garmadon, and when the Anacondrai Warriors were transformed into Anacondrai, or when Nadakhan manipulated the element of Form to transform into the Ninja and frame them by using their powers with his Magic.
    • Magic Energy Manipulation - This allows the user to manipulate magical energy. If the person is a more powerful being, such as a Djinn or an Oni, then he can manipulate the energy that can cast a specific effect.
    • Magic Blast - The user can release magical energy over a specific target causing great damage or delivering great shock waves of force.
    • Magical Beam Emission - Some users of magic can create a potent beam composed of concentrated magical energy.
    • Wish Granting - The user, usually a Djinn, is able to grant wishes to another or himself.
    • Teleportation - This allows the user to teleport whenever and wherever they desire.
    • Magical Creation - The user can create something with Magic regardless of the environment and their materials.
    • Magical Element Manipulation - Allows the user to manipulate other elements and use them in battle.
    • Magical Animation - Allows the user to animate statues, sculptures, and drawings to life and control them.
    • Realm Travel - As displayed by the Realm Crystal, it has the power to travel through any realms (except the Departed Realm). Some magical rituals allow the user to travel freely through all of the realms.
    • Container Imprisonment - As demonstrated by Nadakhan with the Teapot of Tyrahn and the Sword of Souls, the user is able to imprison the souls of others in objects.
    • Summoning - The user has the ability to summon ghosts as their ally.
    • Magic Incantation - A user can cast and summon magical spells, curses, and enchantments.
    • Magical Power Absorbtion - A user can absorb power from another person or object and give it to the user.
    • Levitation - The user is able to lift someone or something in the air and make them float unassisted.

Via the users' True Potential

Notable Users


  • Djinn
    • First Djinn King
    • Second Djinn King
    • Third Djinn King
    • Fourth Djinn King
    • Fifth Djinn King
    • Sixth Djinn King
    • Seventh Djinn King
    • Eighth Djinn King
    • Ninth Djinn King
    • Tenth Djinn King
    • Eleventh Djinn King
    • Twelfth Djinn King
    • Thirteenth Djinn King
    • Fourteenth Djinn King
    • Fifteenth Djinn King
    • Bamakhan
    • Phanhakan
    • Khanjikhan
    • Nadakhan
  • Pyro Vipers
  • Upply


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Elemental Powers

Elemental essences

Creation · Darkness · Destruction · Energy · Golden Power

Elements of Creation

Earth (Earth Punch) · Fire · Ice · Lightning

Other elements

Air · Amber · Balance · Creation · Darkness · Form · Golden Power · Gravity · Light · Metal · Metamorphosis · Nature · Poison · Shadow · Smoke · Sound · Speed · Storm · Time · Voids · Water · Wave · Wind

Movements of elements

Cryo Blast · Forward Movement of Time · Pause Movement of Time · Reversal Movement of Time · Slow-Mo Movement of Time · Time Punch

Miscellaneous elements

Frozen Water · Fury of the Storm · Imagination