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Wojira's Wrath. But you must be careful. You cannot make a sound in this place. You cannot speak or whisper. Even your footfalls must be like a gentle breeze.”
Lloyd and Sorla

Mala-Wojira (also referred to as Wojira's Wrath in the Old Tongue and No Man's Land) is a canyon in the Never-Realm.


In ancient times, a storm goddess named Wohira came to the Never-Realm to visit his worshippers, and then fled to Ninjago to escape other gods and goddess. When Wohira fled, the ancient tribes named the canyon after her.[1]

Later in history, the canyon was inhabited by an explorer named Wujira. He built a house in an undisclosed location in the canyon. Rumors were heard that if anyone makes a sound, his wrath will strike them down.

The Skeleton and the Human


  • "Mala" is the feminine form of "bad" or "evil" in Spanish, in which case Mala-Wojira means "evil Wohira".


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