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“The Mega Weapon doesn't have the power to destroy, it only has the power to create!”

The Mega Weapon was a weapon created by Garmadon when he brought the Golden Weapons to the Golden Peaks, fusing them together to create one single weapon.


This section of Mega Weapon includes some or all content from the "Mega Weapon" article from the Ninjago Wiki, a FANDOM project.

The Mega Weapon is incredibly powerful due to the combined powers of all four Golden Weapons being merged into one single weapon. With this power, it can be used to virtually create anything the user desires. However, a huge amount of energy from the user is required to create something. If someone with an insufficient amount of energy attempts to use the Mega Weapon or even grab ahold of it for a few moments, they will be disintegrated into nothingness.



This section of Mega Weapon includes some or all content from the "Mega Weapon" article from the Ninjago Wiki, a FANDOM project.

  • Garmadon demonstrates the ability to use the power of Creation with the Golden Weapons, even before he creates the Mega Weapon. However, he only uses it to repair and transform the Destiny's Bounty, so it may be that the separate weapons are only capable of transforming existing objects, instead of creating things on a large scale.
  • The head of the Mega Weapon incorporates details of all of the elements of creation; Fire on the left and Lightning on the right, and Earth in the middle and Ice on the top.
  • Although the Mega Weapon is said to drain Garmadon's energy when used (hence the once-a-day limit), its draining effects appear to lessen with time—by the time Garmadon uses it to create a time portal, he barely seemed affected by the drain. It is possible that Garmadon has become more skilled with the Mega Weapon, thereby reducing the amount of power that he expends with each use.
  • Garmadon had determined that the Mega Weapon could "only create and not destroy," but later, it disintegrated and a pirate that had attempted to take it. However, Garmadon did say that only he can hold the Mega Weapon, implying that anyone else who tried to hold it would suffer the same fate as the pirate. This is contradicted as Cole briefly grabbed the Mega Weapon with no ill effects happening to him. However, in Cole's case, he held it for a very short time, so the Mega Weapon's power couldn't disintegrate him.
  • The Mega Weapon seems to be one of the only tools capable of fully resurrecting someone.
  • The Mega Weapon is one of the only weapons to use more than one element.
  • It should be noted that after the Golden Weapons were melted into the Mega Weapon, the Mega Weapon was actually weaker than the Golden Weapons because the Golden Weapons can destroy things while the Mega Weapon cannot.


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