“According to legend, it is the most distant and remote of all realms. My father only spoke it to me once... in warning. He told me of all the realms of creation, it was the one I should never visit. He told me it was a cold and dangerous place. He forbade it.”

The Never-Realm was a pristine realm that once was trapped in an eternal winter.




Early history

The realm came into existence at an unknown point in time. At one point, the First Spinjitzu Master entered the realm for unknown reasons and barely managed to escape back to Ninjago. He later warned Wu that he is forbidden from entering the realm as no one else but he had the knowledge of how to escape.

Season 6: The Black Death


  • Like Narnia in Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, it is a world trapped in an eternal winter.
  • Because of an eternal summer, many citizens of the City of Ice found their way back to Ninjago, and this realm became the Abandoned Realm.

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  • According to the First Spinjitzu Master, this realm is the most distant and remote realm from the others and thus almost impossible for anybody to come back from.
    • Even the First Spinjitzu Master himself, upon visiting this realm once, barely escaped from the realm and warned Wu that of all the realms of creation he should not visit this one, as no one but he had the fortune of knowing how to leave.
      • Even the Traveler's Tea grown in Ninjago, which has been seen to be capable of accessing any realm apart from the Departed Realm, is powerless in the Never-Realm.
  • Despite the First Spinjitzu Master's claim of the realm being dangerous, many of its residents, including Akita and Kataru, imply the realm to have been peaceful until decades ago when Zane appeared and took over under the influence of Vex's manipulation once he removed his memories. It is unclear what danger he discovered in the realm that none of its residents have seemed to.
  • Due to the inhabitants saying that the Never-Realm was peaceful before Zane's arrival, it's unknown if the Oni had ever invaded the realm.
  • The reason it's called the Never-Realm is that no one but the First Spinjitzu Master never returned from there.
  • Lloyd assumed that Never-Realm had a faster time flow than Ninjago, but in actuality, Zane was sent six decades into the past.
    • This is evidenced by Akita saying that the Ice Emperor conquered it decades ago.
    • It was also evidenced when Zane mentions he held the Scroll for decades.

In the live-chat of an art-stream hosted by Joshua Deck, Tommy Andreasen revealed that Zane not only sent into the Never-Realm, but also into the past. He was in the Never-Realm for "60-ish" years.[1]

  • The only residents that currently live in this realm are the Formlings.
  • The Never-Realm has a faster time flow than any other realm.
    • This is evidenced by Akita saying that the Ice Emperor conquered it decades ago.
    • It was also evidenced when Zane mentions he held the Scroll for decades.


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