Our Elemental vehicles. Created from our Golden Weapons. Remember those, Zane?”
Kai to Zane referring to the ninja vehicles

Ninja vehicles are vehicles used by the ninja to counter the forces of evil.

Ninja Dragons

The Ninja used Dragons to encounter the forces of evil.

Regular Dragons

Elemental Dragons

Dragon Hybrids

Dragon Mechs

Destiny's Bounty

The Destiny's Bounty was the ninja's ship and their long-time headquarters. It eventually gained flight capabilities, but it was destroyed by the Great Devourer and Garmadon recreated it into the Black Bounty using the power of the Mega Weapon. There are currently 12 versions of the Destiny's Bounty.

Blade Cycle

Tread Assault

Storm Fighter


Nya's Samurai Mech

Ultra Sonic Raider

Fire Mech

Golden Mech

Earth Driller

Kai Fighter

Cole's Earth Mech


Lightning Offroader

Proto Sam-X

Prototype X-1

Golden Cycle


Boulder Blaster

Destiny's Bounty Express

Jungle Raider

Ice Mech

Blaster Bike/Ghost Cycle

Jay Walker One/Ghost Taker GT

Titanium Ninja Tumbler

Rock Roader

Raider Bikes

Kai's Bike

Nya's Bike

Ultra Stealth Raider

Desert Lightning

Desert Lightning.png

Destiny's Shadow

Katana V11

Samurai VXL

Samurai X Mech

Zane's Bike

Ninja Nightcrawler

Destiny's Wing

Rock Cycle

Katana 4x4

Land Bounty


Death Titan Mech

Velocity Racers

Jay's Flying Speeder

Kai's Mech Jet

Lloyd's Racing Bike

Speeder Quadbikes

Tuner Car

Fire Stone Mech

Jungle Choppers

Ninja catamarans

Hydro Bounty

Hydro Mech



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Hero vehicles

Colten Potter: TBA
Scott Dyer: Tuner Car
Cole: Boulder Blaster · Cole's Earth Mech · Cole's hoverboard · Dragon Cruiser · Earth Driller · Fire Stone Mech · Firstbourne Mech · Ghost Cycle · Quake Mech · Rock Cycle · Rock Roader · Tread Assault
Jay: Desert Lightning · ElectroMech · Ghost Taker GT · Golden Dragon Motorbike · Jay's flying speeder · Jay's hoverboard · Lightning Jet · Lightning off-roader · Nano Mech · Storm Fighter · Sub car
Zane: Golden Dragon Jet · Ice Tank · Jungle windsurfer · Ninja-Copter · ShuriCopter · Snowmobile · Titanium Ninja Tumbler · Zane's bike · Zane's Ice Mech · Zane's jet
Kai: Blade Cycle · Fire Mech · Golden Dragon Raider · Kai Drifter · Kai Fighter · Kai's Fire Mech · Kai's bike · Kai's catamaran · Kai's hoverboard · Katana 4x4 · Katana V11 · Mech Jet · X-1 Prototype
Lloyd: Death Titan Mech · Golden Mech · Green Ninja Mech Dragon · Hydro Mech · Jungle Raider · Lloyd's racing bike · Ninja Nightcrawler · Proto Sam-X
Nya: Battle Wagon · D.B. Express · Nya's bike · Nya's motorcycle · Nya's speedboat · Samurai Mech · Tuner Car · Water Strider
Wu: Firstbourne Mech · Wu's horse carriage · Wu's ship
Pixal: Samurai VXL · Samurai Mech 2.0
Team: APS suits · Hydro Bounty · Jungle Chopper Bikes · Ninja catamarans · Ninja helicopter · Submersible combat crafts · Ultra Sonic Raider (Jet) · Ultra Stealth Raider (Jet)

Villain vehicles

Skulkin: Skulkin carts · Skulkin mechs · Skull motorbikes · Skull Truck
Aerial drones · Anacondrai battle mechs · Anacondrai buggies · Anacondrai copters · Anacondrai crushers · Anacondrai rocket boards · Arcturus rocket · Bite Cycles · Boulder Blaster · Chain Cycle · Chen's blimp · Chen's ferry · Clouse's Earth Mech · Destructoid · Dieselnaut · Fangpyre trucks · Fangpyre wrecking ball · Flying Jelly Subs · Garbage trucks · Garma Mecha Man · Garmatron · Ghost ship · Golden Master's mech · Hover-Copters · Hover Hunters · HunterCopters · Hunter speeders · Hunter utility tanks · Iron Doom · Jet Fighters · Keepers' catamarans · Lunar rovers · Machia's airship · Manta Ray Bombers · Mech-enstein · Misfortune's Keep · Noodle trucks (Noodle Truck of Crime) · Nuckal's ATV · Oni Bike · Oni Chopper · Piranha mechs · Rattlercopter · Red Visor cars · Salvage mechs · Security mechs · Security tanks · Serpentine bus · Serpentine Express · Shark mech · Sky Sharks · Speeder Quadbikes · Stone Army Catapults · Stone Army Hoppers · Stone Army Mech · Stone Army Tusks · Stone booster bike · Street bikes · Turbo shredders · Vermillion invaders · Vermillion racers · Warrior bikes

Other vehicles

Flight 696 · Hover cars · Lunar rovers · R.E.X. · Salvage Mechs · Ultra Stealth Raider · Walker jalopy