Ogaji is one of the One Trillion Realms and the birthplace of the Heart of Sorna.




Central Ogaji/Dragon's Head

The central region in this realm is the smallest but the most populous of all realms. The Temple of Ogaji is in this region, outside of the city. It is shaped like a dragon's head, thus that is how it got its name.

  • Desert of Thieves
  • Jiho Valley (Deserted)
  • Omega Sand Temple (Deserted)
  • Sand Ship (Deserted)
  • Desert Palace (Deserted)
  • Temple of Ogaji
  • Sukai
  • Ogaji City
    • Ogaji International Airport
    • Ogaji Regional Airport
  • Temple of Security/Ogaji Oni Stronghold

Earthon Woods

This region of Ogaji is mostly filled with spectacular views of woods and temples, but all of them are deserted.

  • Beta-Earth Temple (Deserted)
  • Dayview Temple (Deserted)
  • Delta-Forest Temple (Deserted)

Volcano Range/Volcan Province

Most volcanoes erupt in the volcano region.

  • Volcan Mountains
  • Mountain Temple (Deserted)
  • Forest of Fire and Life (Deserted)
  • River of Lava (Deserted)
  • Swamps (Deserted)
  • Temple of Time (Deserted)

Southern Ogaji

The southern region of the kingdom is similar to the Desert of Doom and the Sahara Desert, except that barely anyone survives there. It is the biggest region in Ogaji.

  • Canyon of Demise (Deserted)
  • Hylia Village (Deserted)
  • Laauqra Desert (Deserted)
  • Portals


The Midlands is where most mountains are in Ogaji. The Ogaji Sound can refer to the Puget Sound near Seattle, and often can be shaped as a triangle, like the Bermuda Triangle. Unlike the Bermuda Triangle, many people survived, ships vanished, but they are usually on top of each other.

  • Badlands (Deserted)
  • Gateway to Narnia
  • Black Valley (Deserted)
  • Black Valley Temple (Deserted)
  • Dragon Castle (Deserted)
  • Haunted Hills (Deserted)
  • Lost Woods (Deserted)
  • Goblin Mountains (Deserted)
  • Ogaji Sound

Frozen Wastes/Northern Ogaji

The northern region of this kingdom is frozen in an eternal winter.

The Edge of Ogaji

The southwest region is where most Ogajians and visitors lose their lives, as it is known to be dangerous.

The Great Sea

The Great Sea often refers to the Endless Sea in Ninjago, or the Pacific Ocean in the World. The Great Sea is currently poison, caused by the Venomari years ago when they came into this realm. Chang's Island is currently in ruins, along with most of the other locations in the sea.


Secrets of the Dark Spinjitzu

Zane mentioned this realm as one of the realms created by the First Spinjitzu Master.

Earth & Lightning

The Ninja travel to this realm to find the Forge of Ogaji, one of the Realm Forges that they need, which is guarded by the Lightning Emperor and his Lightning Samurai.


  • The Forge of Ogaji is hidden in this realm.


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