“Each mask embodies one of the three Oni warlords. If all three masks are united, whomever owns them will wield tremendous power.”

The Oni Masks were powerful masks from the First Realm, masks created by three Oni warlords, with unique individual abilities derived from the warlords.

List of Masks

Mask Description Image
Oni Mask of Vengeance The Oni Mask of Vengeance turns the user into a master swordsman with two additional arms and gives the user the ability to absorb and deflect other people's powers. This mask was kept in a secret compartment within Borg Tower before it was stolen by the Sons of Garmadon in a heist." It was the preferred mask of Mr. E prior to his destruction; it was later placed in the Borg Tower vault before being relocated on the orders of Mayor Trustable.

Mr. E (8).png
Oni Mask of Deception The Oni Mask of Deception allows the user to control, move, and manipulate objects by using telekinesis. This mask was guarded by the Royal Family in the Palace of Secrets before Ultra Violet recovered it from Lloyd and Harumi's possession during "The Jade Princess." It is the preferred mask of Killow. It was destroyed by Skylor, while controlling the Colossus in episode "Saving Faith."

Oni Mask of Hatred The Oni Mask of Hatred turns the user's entire body into invulnerable magma stone and lava. This mask was hidden in the Oni Temple deep within Primeval's Eye before it was stolen from Lloyd by Harumi during "Game of Masks." It used by Harumi and Ultra Violet. It was destroyed by the Battle Wagon.




When all three are united together at the Temple of Resurrection, the user can call an individual with Oni blood (full-blooded or hybrid) back from the Departed Realm. In addition, hair from the Oni's wife (in this case, Misako), son (in this case, Lloyd), and brother (in this case, Wu) is necessary to achieve the summoning.[1] Harumi used them to resurrect Garmadon's evil side.


At some point in time, the three Oni Masks were created in the Realm of Oni and Dragons by three Oni warlords. They would eventually end up in the realm of Ninjago through unknown means, where they would be separated around the island. Many believe that when the Oni left, they hid the masks.


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  • The three generals of the Sons of Garmadon; Mr. E, Killow, and Ultra Violet, all have similar color schemes to the masks.
    • Additionally, each general specializes in using the mask matching their color scheme.
  • According to Hutchins, the three Oni Masks embody the three Oni warlords.
  • Whenever an Oni Mask is in use, it will grow horns of sort from the top of the mask.
  • The masks will grant the wearer a demonic tone to their voice when worn, like an Oni's voice.
    • The eyes of the mask will also glow for a short time after a mask is put on.
  • When the Oni Mask of Hatred is in use, the "armor" worn by the user will have elements to the outfit they were previously wearing.
  • The Oni Mask of Deception is the only mask that doesn't alter the user's physical appearance.
  • Only those with Oni blood are the only ones who can be resurrected by the Oni Masks, in this case, Garmadon.
  • The names of the masks seem to foreshadow Harumi's true nature.
    • Harumi wanted vengeance against the Ninja for her parents' deaths.
    • Harumi deceived the Ninja into believing she was their ally.
    • Harumi hated Lloyd most of all for his indirect involvement with releasing The Great Devourer.
  • The Oni Mask of Hatred is worn by five people, the Oni Mask of Vengeance is worn by three people, and the Oni Mask of Deception was worn by three people.
  • The Oni Mask of Vengeance was originally called the "Oni Mask of Revenge."
    • It is unknown what happened to the Oni Mask of Vengeance after Lord Garmadon's rule was brought to an end. It was probably returned to Borg Tower to its rightful owner, Cyrus Borg.
    • It is unknown how Cyrus Borg acquired the Mask.
  • The outer appearance of the Oni Temple resembles the Mask of Hatred, which is located inside in the relic room.
  • All together, they could open a portal to the Departed Realm and bring an Oni (full-blooded or hybrid) back to the living world.


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