“Bored of the same old tired games? Think there's nothing new? Well, think again! Prime Empire is a gaming situation like no other, giving you eight whole bits of graphics! From the Temple of Madness to the Forest of Discontent, to the futuristic Terra Technica. You'll never experience anything like Prime Empire, coming to an arcade near you.”
Commercial Narration

The Prime Empire Original Shorts are shorts that take place after the Liberation of the Never-Realm. Jay is the focus Ninja, and the Red Visors serve as the villainous faction of these shorts.



Ep # Image Episode name Characters
Mini-Movie 1
Let's Dance!.png
"Let's Dance!"
Mini-Movie 2
Mini-Movie 3
The Meaning of Victory.png
"The Meaning of Victory"
Mini-Movie 4
The Stowaway.png
"The Stowaway"
Mini-Movie 5
Mini-Movie 6
"Gayle Gossip: A Closer Look"


  • These shorts lack a main antagonist.

Watching Order

  • "Let's Dance" and "Upgrade" takes place before the first episode of Season 12: Prime Empire.
  • The Compilation: "Inside the Game" takes place after the first episode of Season 12: Prime Empire.
  • "Gayle Gossip: A Closer Look" takes place between the second and third episodes of Season 12: Prime Empire.



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