I thank you, Elemental. In return for your gift, I shall spare your lives. May you enjoy your time in this place as much as I did. Farewell!”
Aspheera to Kai

The Release of Aspheera is when the Ninja released Aspheera.


The Ninja and Clutch Powers journeyed into the Forsaken Pyramid and its traps, the swaying bridge, the boobytrapped stairs that turns into a slide, the spikes into "Hageman's" deathplace, and a test, the mural. Zane read an inscription and that Aspheera's anger almost destroyed Ninjago, but Jay and Nya already finished the mural and Aspheera was released from her "prison." The Ninja fought her but she used Spinjitzu and Magic and succeeded. Then Clutch Powers attempted to use an amulet but failed, and got blasted away from the pyramid, landing into Ninjago City soon after. Then Aspheera released her Fire Fang, locked in an undisclosed location in the pyramid, and headed out to start her troubles.




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