Not to be confused with the element.

“Even shadows have their uses!”

Shadows are types of ethereal being that can be formed from anyone's shadow, becoming a featureless black copy of the template with glowing red eyes.

Known Shadows



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  • During his time in the Underworld, Lord Garmadon could manifest in a form resembling a massive Shadow of himself. It is unclear if this state had similar abilities to the Shadows Garmadon summoned to battle Kai.
  • A shadow's level of intelligence is unclear, as it does not speak. Kai Shadows displayed fighting abilities on par with their template, but it is unknown if they are sentient or simply puppets of Lord Garmadon.
  • It is unknown if the ability to summon shadows is also found in the Master of Shadow, or just in Wu, Garmadon, and Clouse.
  • Armed with shadow copies of whatever weapons their template was holding at the time, Shadows are invulnerable to physical blows and are capable of duplicating themselves, although are susceptible to blasts of elemental energy, other shadows, and Golden Power.


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