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“Are you secretly a nindroid pilot, too? Or do you just really like high-tech ninja vehicles? Behold, the new ShuriCopter! With rapid shooters on its wings and spinning shuriken slicers on its landing wheels, this is your new top-of-the-line ninja fighting machine. P.I.X.A.L. designed the ShuriCopter especially for Zane, so fly with care. Or total fury – it's your call, ninja.”
— Description[1]

The ShuriCopter is a helicopter owned by Zane.


Fly Zane’s awesome ShuriCopter into battle against General Vex in the freezing Never-Realm! Make the rotors spin and fire the rapid shooters. Launch into a Spinjitzu attack with ninja warrior Jay’s tornado spinner. Fight General Vex’s with Zane’s katana and shurikens. The action never stops for Zane and Jay FS in NINJAGO® world… or for you with this brilliant LEGO® set! Can you grab the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu from the dangerous general and stop him becoming even more powerful?[2]



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  • The ShuriCopter can only be piloted by Zane and Pixal.[3]
  • Its name is a combination of "shuriken" and "helicopter".
  • The ShuriCopter resembles the Rattlecopters.


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