Sound is a vibration that travels through the air or another medium and can be heard when reaching something.

Users' Abilities

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  • Sonokinesis/Audiokinesis - The user can shape, manipulate, and control sound. A common use of this element is to create sound beams, blasts, bursts, combustion/explosions, or waves to attack the enemy omnidirectionally. The user is also able to generate airwaves and intensify, hush, and distort, as well warp, strengthen, echo, speed up, and slow down sound, and as a result is able to produce a range of different noises.
    • Echolocation - If the user is blind, they are able to determine the location of objects and people in a space, essentially replacing sight.
    • Sonic Screams - If the user doesn't have an object or is not blind, they are able to create and generate sound/sonic waves from their mouth also destroy enemies by one scream from the user.

Via the users' True Potential

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  • Sound Crystal


The symbol of Sound is not apparent. The symbol in Ultimate Ninjago resembles the shape of a barbell.




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