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“The second Key-Tana is here, but the only way to win it is to be crowned champion in the Speedway-Five Billion. The track is lethal, the turns are deadly, and the other drivers are wild!”

The Speedway Five-Billion is an annual race held in the Terra Technica region of Prime Empire.


*The Red Visors "joined" the race to chase after the Ninja.


  • Race Line. Heart of Terra Technica
  • Mile Markers
    • First mile marker
    • Second mile marker
    • Third mile marker
    • Fourth mile marker


Position: 10th
Participant(s): Ballistic Missiles
Vehicle: Katana 4x4s
Cause of elimination: Their Katana 4x4s were destroyed by the Whack Rats.

Position: 9th
Participant(s): Chrome Domes
Vehicle: Lightning Offroaders
Cause of elimination: Their Lightning Offroaders were destroyed by the Whack Rats.

Position: 8th
Participant(s): Red Visors
Vehicle: Red Visor Cars
Cause of elimination: Their cars crashed along with a Speeder Quadbike and the Mech Jet.

Position: 7th
Participant(s): Cole
Vehicle: A Speeder Quadbike
Cause of elimination: His quadbike crashed along with a Red Visor Car and the Mech Jet.

Position: 6th
Participant(s): Kai
Vehicle: The Mech Jet
Cause of elimination: His mech crashed along with a Red Visor Car and a Speeder Quadbike.

Position: 5th
Participant(s): Whack Rats
Vehicle: The Speeder Quadbikes
Cause of elimination: Their quadbikes crashed as they "finished" the race.

Position: 4rd
Participant(s): Nya
Vehicle: The Tuner Car
Cause of elimination: None. Scott's car went through the finish line after Lloyd.

Position: 3rd
Participant(s): Jay
Vehicle: The Flying Speeder
Cause of elimination: None. His speeder went through the finish line after Lloyd.

Position: 2nd
Participant(s): Lloyd
Vehicle: The Racing Bike
Cause of elimination: None. His bike went through the finish line after Racer Seven.

Position: 1st
Participant(s): Racer Seven
Vehicle: The Jungle Raider
Cause of elimination: None.



  • The winner earns the Yellow Key-Tana.
  • The Speedway Five-Billion is somewhat similar to the Ninjaball Run. Both races are very dangerous, the racers are wild, the turns are deadly, and the tracks are lethal.



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