It appears to be a chest vortex of the ancient Sybex Tribe!”

The Sybex Tribe is an ancient tribe in Japan.


  • Sybex tribe leader
  • Cobrai (formerly)



Centuries ago, the Sybex Tribe formed, over one million members, including Cobrai, the future leader of the Lightning Cobras. Sometime, Cobrai wanted revenge for not accepting him into a national competition alongside his human friends, and was imprisoned in the Cobra Land in the Dimension of Lightning along with his future army.

Sometime, the Minkan Tribe from years ago took over the region and the Sybex Tribe fell apart.

Golden Destiny, Part 1

The Chest Vortex was sent to the Never-Realm after Nya briefly found it and stopped it with a remnant of a rock big enough to stop the vortex.


  • The Sybex were enemies of the Minkans.


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