Vex, what do you want?”
“Only to see justice done and my Lord return to his rightful throne.”
“What Lord? This throne is mine.”
“Not anymore.”
Grimfax and Vex

The Takeover of the Never-Realm was a takeover event in which the amnesic Zane as the Ice Emperor and Vex overthrew Grimfax and his warriors and took control of the realm.


The Formling Village

At one point in the Never-Realm, Vex was born into a family of Formlings. He would eventually grow up, not finding his animal form, thinking he was mocked by the other Formlings, and left the village.

Requesting to Help Grimfax

Meeting Zane, Corrupting Grimfax's Warriors, and Taking Over the Never-Realm

Freezing of the Formling Village

Main article: Freezing of the Formling Village

Annihilation of the Yeti

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