“Tea should be bitter as wormwood, and as sharp as a two-edged sword.”
— An old V.F.D. proverb about tea

Tea is a hot beverage made from boiling water and herbs. It is a fairly popular drink around the world.

Tea shops around the world sells several varieties of tea, including some with special properties.


Tea Variants

Regular Tea

Wu's tea of choice, even in tough situations and when he was regressed into a baby.

Traveler's Tea

One of Mistaké's special blends, Traveler's Tea is a substance that enables users to warp to certain locations, including other realms. It comes in two forms: As brewed, or in a tea bag to go. According to Wu, Traveler's Tea that has been grown in Ninjago won't work in the Never-Realm. One way to find it in that realm is with the Traveler's Tree.

Tomorrow's Tea

Tomorrow's Tea is another one of the many special blends offered by Mistaké. When used, it can rapidly age things and undo the effects of time-reversing magic.


A special blend created by Samukai, Resurrectea is able to bring the dead back to life, but only when the target's body is present to ingest the brew.


When drank, the user is able to erase memories of events.


When drank, the user is able to receive special visions.

Focus Tea

Seen as a dark colored tea, the Focus Tea helps the user concentrate.

Lemon-Honey Tea

Unlike most other tea, this is used just for taste and has no special effects.

Anti Gravitea

When drank, the user is able to temporarily float in the air.


As suggested by the name, this tea can presumably explode. It probably was the tea Master Wu tried to brew in the "Wu's Teas" intro.


Although the effects are unknown, it presumably grants the drinker a sense of humor.


When drank, the user gains the ability to sing or play an instrument, even if they've never touched in instrument before. Since this tea is untested, the side effects include playing too hard.


When drank, the user gains beauty in terms of physical appearance.


When drank, the user grows in size and gains great strength, but goes on a rampage.


When drank, the user is able to calm down in a meditating state, even if someone is continuously trying to annoy them.

Black/Green/White Tea

These teas are presumably just for taste rather than having any effects.

Tea of Truth

When drank, the user is able to answer any questions and blurt out information truthfully whether they want to or not.

Tea of Enlightenment

When drank, the user is able to see nearby ancient paintings moving.

Earl Gray

Earl Gray is a special tea that can calm the user's mind when drank.



Types of Tea

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