“One trillion doors, for one trillion realms? There's only 16 doors!”
“That's not entirely true. Look up there. There's more than sixteen doors. There must be like one trillion realms or something.”
Jay and Cole

The One Trillion Realms are a variety of realms in a vast dimension.

List of Realms

Realm Passageways

The One Trillion Realms are different worlds, but the realms have multiple passageways and networks that can be used to access to neighbor realms. Some others have to be conjured, and some just form out of nowhere.



  • Earth is the main and first realm in existence. The Realm of Oni and Dragons is the second of all the realms in existence.
  • There are hidden ladders lead up to about 16 doors each floor, in total 62500000000 floors.
  • Earth is the main realm and can be reached only using apparition or the Realm Crystal, retrieved from the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master.
  • The One Trillion Realms are surrounded by an infinitely vast, formless void, known as the Ethereal Divide.
  • There is conflicting information about the exact number of realms there are. Some information indicates one trillion including Earth, and others state that there one trillion beyond Earth, which would mean there are one trillion and one realms in total.[1][2] The latest official information about the subject states that there are indeed one trillion, including Earth.[3]

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  • As seen with the destruction of the Cursed Realm, destroying a realm consequently destroys its sister realm; in this case Djinjago.
  • Time passes differently in some realms, as evidenced by the Sky Pirates staying alive for 200 years from Ninjago's perspective while trapped in other realms.
  • Wu referred to the realms as the "Lands of Creation," implying that they may have some affiliation, or were created by the elemental essence of Creation.


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