“The only way to slow a Djinn long enough to catch one is with the venom of a Tiger Widow. One drop is strong enough to kill a man or tire a Djinn, so he don't be poofing around.”

The Tiger Widow is a massive spider of Tiger Widow Island.


At one point, Captain Soto acquired the venom of the Tiger Widow and used it to exhaust Nadakhan long enough to trap him in the Teapot of Tyrahn.

Abilities and Powers

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Extremely massive for a spider, the Tiger Widow was incredibly fast for its size, pursuing the ninja across the jungle in pursuit of Jay. Additionally, it had enhanced endurance, being able to survive a lightning blast from Jay and a large fall into a chasm. It also weave massive webs that can support the weight of a grown man. The Tiger Widow's most infamous asset, however, is its venomーa single drop is potent enough to kill a human, and mere skin contact can induce death within minutes, even for an Elemental Master. Its venom is also perhaps the only true weapon against a Djinn, being potent enough to exhaust one enormously, leaving said Djinn vulnerable to attack. Its venom also apparently inhibits a Djinn's mental functions as well, as, when under the affects of the venom, Nadakhan failed to twist around Jay's wish to his favor.


This section of Tiger Widow includes some or all content from the "Tiger Widow" article from the Ninjago Wiki, a FANDOM project.

  • The Tiger Widow is apparently somewhat cowardly, being easily scared off by Dogshank upon confronting her.
  • It is similar in size and appearance to Spykors.
  • Due to the skeletons caught in its webs and the presence of a temple at its lair's entrance, it's possible the island was inhabited, but the Tiger Widow killed all of the residents, hence why the island's location is so obscure.
  • It might've encountered Captain Soto in the past.
  • It may be possible for Tox, the current Elemental Master of Poison, to survive the venom of the Tiger Widow.[1]


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