These are the relationships of the former ruler of Prime Empire, Unagami.


Milton Dyer

“You recognize me, don't you? You recognize my voice?”
”You are Milton Dyer, my maker.”
Milton Dyer and Unagami


They have told you this world is not real. That you are not real. This is true. You were born in this realm. A place of illusion, a shadow of the real world. But you are not bound to this place. I am building a machine. A wondrous device that will allow you to enter the real world. Would you like to go there?”
Unagami, to Okino



You're angry, I get it. You were abandoned by your maker. I was abandoned by my parents, too. I'm just like you. I never understood why, and I never had the chance to even ask. But I always hoped there was a good reason.”
— Jay to Unagami




“We've been working together for weeks. You gotta tell me who you are.”
“You will know all. . . when the time is right.”
The Mechanic and Unagami

The Mechanic


The Mechanic and Unagami have secretly been working together. After robbing a bank, the Mechanic reported to Unagami that the heist had been successful. He asked Unagami who he was, but Unagami kept it a secret. The Mechanic asked Unagami if he would help him with another project. Unagami then shut himself off. Later, he sent blueprints for an upgrade on his mechanical arm.

Prime Empire Association

Unagami requires your assistance. Will you serve Unagami?”
“Yes! I'll be more careful this time. I won't let you down.”
“If you fail Unagami a second time, it will be Game Over.”
Unagami and The Mechanic
Character Relationships

The Good

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